синкансен против паровоза как ЛД против ШВП
Do not get ball-screwed with ball-screw drives problems

Ball screw drive and a ball-screw construction.

  • Inferior acceleration – deceleration
  • Backlashes, lost motions, large dead zone. Stick-slips.
  • Shape distortion at the points of axes feed changes with especially negative effect on roundness
  • Rapid wear + loss of positioning accuracy.
Sodick flat linear motor - Go Linear PR

Sodick flat linear motor in a Sodick EDM.

  • Nearly instant acceleration-deceleration 
  • Free of backlashes, free of lost motions, negligable dead zone. Free of stick-slips
  • Lack of  shape distortion at axes feed changes
  • Screw-less drive with Longevous Precision