AQ900L – AQ1500L Premium Extra-Large Wire-Cut Flat Linear EDM AQ-Premium Series – Sodick precision XL, XXL & XXXL wire cut

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SLOW DOWN SLOW JUMP In non-Sodick die-sinking EDMs with inert and low-speed ball-screw drives, flushing is always a risk of

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Sodick ALC-series Wire-Cut EDM ALC400G

ALC series

ALC series New Sodick Flat Linear Wire-Cut EDM High-precision Sodick Wire-Cut EDM with extended functionality ALC400G iGE: XYZ strokes=400 x 300 x 250 mm max

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Fast Ti Multi-Cavity EDMing

Sodick’s high-speed EDM machining of multi-cavities inTitanium SodicoM’s Exclusive Know-How EDM process with multi-cavity and multi-electrode Super-Low Electrodes Wear Die-Sinking

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