Sodick Precision Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machines

VL series Wire-Cut EDM​

Hi-response gap correction rate of up to 500 times per sec

More than 50 000 Sodick Flat Linear Motor EDM in operation throughout the World

Sodick is committed to ongoing research and development of advanced EDMs, focusing on achieving exceptional accuracy, speed, and versatility in machining. Sodick philosophy revolves around delivering top-quality products to customers.

Sodick new VL series Wire-Cut EDMs

Affordable electric discharge machines with flat (planar) linear motors (LM) and ceramic work-zone.
The ultra-compact new generation water-cooled generator Sodick WS.
Avant-garde technical solutions in the new LN2W series generator have improved the cutting accuracy of hard materials, such as polycrystalline diamonds and cubic boron nitride, as well as stepped parts of different thicknesses.

Sodick VL-series Wire-Cut  EDM features:

  • LN2W series power supply unit capable of high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency machining
  • X Y U V axis rigid FLAT Linear Motors 
  • X Y U V axis absolute linear scales 10 nano (0,01 micron) Heidenhain. Absolute scales eliminate the need for referencing and ensure total positional control at all times thus reducing set up time.
  • Upgraded linear motor controller SI-Link SMC (Sodick Motion Controller). Hi-response gap correction rate of up to 500 times per sec
  • 1Gb/sec communication technology “Perfect Active Control” making use of a modern in-house designed NC system running on Windows OS
  • SVGA color display 15″
  • Improved ease of operation
  • Heart NC software (automatic programmming in CNC)
  • New Hi-Speed AWT Fixed Jet with POP-up function
  • Corner Control FTII.
  • Round guides for upper and lower heads for further improvement of accuracy especially at taper cutting
  • Wire tension servo
  • Energy saving generator
  • Ceramic work zone
  • Enlarged Work Tank
  • 18 liter deionizer
  • Built-in AVR
  • USB
  • LAN 
  • Record-breaking small or negligable modified surface layer (confirmed by laboratory studies)!
электроэрозионный проволочно-вырезной бюджетный станок Sodick VL600Q
оптическая линейка 10 нанометров Heidenhain


  • Taper flex 45 NEO (for taper cutting up to 45°)
  • Jumbo Wire Feeder
  • L-Cut (Wire chopper)
  • WS4P and bigger WS5P rotary table (indexing or simultaneous movement)

Sodick is a well-known company in the field of electrical discharge machining (EDM). Sodick have indeed maintained a strong focus on research and development to improve company’s EDM technology. Sodick’s philosophy revolves around achieving the utmost precision, productivity, and versatility in machining processes. By prioritizing these factors, Sodick aim to deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of their customers.

EDM is a manufacturing process that utilizes electrical discharges to remove material from a workpiece. It is widely used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and mold-making, among others. Sodick’s commitment to advancing EDM technology demonstrates their dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Through continuous research and development, Sodick strives to enhance the accuracy of their machines. This involves refining the control systems and incorporating innovative features to ensure precise and consistent machining results. Achieving high accuracy is crucial, especially when working with intricate or complex geometries.

Productivity is another critical aspect addressed by Sodick’s development efforts. By optimizing machine performance, improving discharge power, and minimizing non-cutting time, Sodick aims to boost productivity and reduce overall machining time. This allows their customers to meet demanding production schedules and improve operational efficiency.

Furthermore, Sodick emphasizes the versatility of their EDM machines. They aim to offer a wide range of capabilities and features to accommodate various machining requirements. This includes the ability to work with different materials, sizes, and shapes, allowing for greater flexibility in manufacturing processes. Sodick understands that each customer may have unique needs, and they strive to provide solutions that cater to those diverse demands.

In summary, Sodick’s commitment to continuous research and development in EDM technology showcases their dedication to delivering high-quality products to customers. By focusing on accuracy, speed, and versatility, they aim to meet the ever-evolving demands of the manufacturing industry.

  • Ceramic Work-Zone. Improvement in geometric accuracy by 3-4 times in comparison with metal-plastic working areas of non-Sodick EDMs.
    Sodick ceramics thermal expansion is merely 

    Complete galvanic (electric) isolation of the Work-zone.
  • Hand scraped contacting bearing surfaces of meehanite cast iron parts
  • All bearing construction parts of low thermal expansion meehanite cast iron (11×10-6/°С)
  • Extra wide machine bed – superb horizontality at the extremes of travels 
  • THK SSR guideways (caged ball technology) designed for use primarily in precision measuring machines. The guideways can withstand movements 100 times more than the distance from the Earth to the Moon and back.

XY axis travel

400 × 300 mm

600 × 400 mm

600 × 400 mm

Z axis travel

220 mm

270 mm

500 mm

UV axis travel

90 × 90 mm

Taper angle (t=130mm)

±25° (±45° = option)

Work tank dimensions (W x D)

860 × 690 mm

1040 × 780 mm

1040 × 780 mm

Max workpiece weight

500 кг

850 кг

850 кг

Distance from floor to table top

900 mm

930 mm

930 mm

Wire electrode diameter ∅

0,1 ∼ 0,3 mm

Wire tension

3 ∼ 23 Н

Wire feed rate

420 mm/сек

Wire reel weight

8 kg  (up to 50 kg  with Jumbo Wire Feeder – OPTION)

Machine dimensions (W x D x H)

2020 × 2310 × 1990 mm

2620 × 2605 × 2080 mm

3020 × 2605 × 2540 mm

Machine installation dimensions

2700 × 3080 mm

3320 × 3365 mm

3700 × 3395 mm

Machine weight

2750 kg

3140 kg3450 kg
Air supply0,5 MPa, 30 l/min
Input power3-∅, 50/60 Hz, 11 kVA 
Dielectric Unit
External dimensions (W x D x H)750 × 2200 × 1800 mm960 × 2400 × 1810 mm1360 × 2430 × 1810 mm
Weight380 kg420 kg740 kg
Capacity (deionized water)590 l890 l1320 l
Filtering system2 replaceable paper filters (internal pressure) SHF-25E or similar
Deionizer18 liters

Sodick EDM service and maintanence

Innovation-Technical Centers "SodicoM"

Slide Interlock Sample




100 mm

Surface roughness

Ra 0.38 um


Ф 0.25 mm (Brass)

Thickness = 100 mm

10 degree taper

VN400Q sample = slide interlock 10% taper +thickness

Double floating gear shape sample

VN400Q double floating gear cutting sample
Sodick VN Wire-Cut EDM samples

Gear shape punch & die




70 mm (Punch)
30 mm (Die)

Surface roughness

Ra 0.38 um (Punch)
Ra 0.34 um (Die)


Ф 0.20 mm (Brass)

VN400Q counterbore top & bottom floating gear cutting




50 mm
(counterbore top = 5 mm)
(counterbore bottom = 10 mm)

Surface roughness

Ra 0.40 µ m


Ф 0.25 mm (Brass)