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  • Flat (Planar) Linear Servo Drives.
    Sodick is the world’s first (since 1998) and the only manufacturer of  electric discharge machines (EDMs) with hi-power and robust flat (planer) linear motors (LM). 
    Until the present time, the only manufacturer of die-sinker EDMs with linear motors in the world.
  • Ceramic work zone.
    The world’s only creator and manufacturer of EDMs with a thermally stable ceramic working zone built with in-house FineXCera® ceramics with ultra-low thermal expansion = 4.5 x 10-6/°C, which is 3-4 times less than that of steels!
    Complete electrical isolation of the EDM work zone, the workpiece and the electrode from the rest of the machine structure.
  • Hand scraping. Machine-tool longevity. Long lasting precision.
    One of the few in the world manufacturers of EDMs, at the factories of which all bearing surfaces of Meehanite cast-iron structures of all machine-tools are hand-scraped after milling instead of cheaper but inappropriate polishing.
  • 10 year positioning accuracy guarantee
    supported by over two decades of expertise & hand-on experience


Annual Production at the Sodick’s plants in Japan, Thailand and China
exceeds 4,000 unique machines 

Innovation-Technical Centers "SodicoM"