Sodick EXC100L – nanoprecision linear wire-cut EDM

EXC-100L is a brilliant Sodick development, another step into the world of nanotechnology.

The machine was demonstrated for the first time at the international exhibition JIMTOF’2002 in Tokyo. The EXC-100L replaces the highly acclaimed non-linear EXC100, which has been in production since 1995 and has been in high demand despite the price.Only in Japan in 2000-2002 more than 90 such machines were sold. EXC100L were also sold in other countries, including the conservative Switzerland.

Made to order. Due to transportation problems, it is mainly shipped to users in Japan.

Generation NANO

Fully ceramic construction on a granite bed

Profile accuracy: pitch & hole diameter= within ±0.05μm

Slit width = 23 micron

EXC100L EDM wire-cutting samples
  • The most accurate in the history of EDMing wire-cut machine.
  • Feed resolution 10 nm (10 nanometers =0,01 µm).
  • Precise unique core-less dual linear motors (LD) with enhanced and perfected feed smoothness.
EXC100L coreless linear motor
  • Closed-type pneumatic static bearings (“air cushions”).
EXC100L pneumatic static bearings
  • Gantry stucture.
  • XY table originating from Sodick’s nano-precision linear machining center NANO-100.
  • Heidenhein’s unique nanometer linear sensors and proprietary SMC (Sodick Motion Controller) control system.
  • Fully ceramic construction on a granite bed.
  • Achievable roundness – Rmax=0,35 µm!
  • Achievable surface roughness – Ra=0,03 µm

Fully ceramic pneumatic aerostatic sliders.
Complete absence of friction.

  • AWT Ø 0,03 mm – 0,1 mm
  • Achievable machining accuracy – ±0.8 µm
    (Standard Sodick technology);
  • Precision dielectric thermostatic cooler 0,2°С;
  • LQ1W power supply with Heart NC CAD/CAM and 3D “Q3vic-Solution”
    (developed with Solid Works, USA)
Sodick Green EDM
Sodick 10 years positioning accuracy guarantee

ceramic column
with low center of gravity 
and aerostatic
Z-axis slider.



Axis stroke Х × Y × Z100 х 120 х 100 mm
U × V axis travel 20 х 20 мм
Max. workpiece dimensions150 x 150 x 60 mm
Max. weight of workpiece10 kg
Wire electrode diameter ∅0,03 – 0,1 mm
Min feed 10 nm (10 nanometers =0,01 µm)
Wire tension0.5 – 10 Н
Maximum wire feed rate250 mm/sec
Distance from floor surface to upper surface of table1050 mm
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H2250 х 2290 х 1990 mm
Machine installation dimensions W x D2850 х 2900 mm
Total unit weight3200 kg
Total power input3 Ø, 380В, 50/60 Гц
Dielectric tank 140 l
Air pressure0.65 MPa