Sodick Die-Sinking Flat Linear Precision EDM AD35L

Sodick Die-Sinking EDM

AD35L & AD55L

Precision Flat Linear Motor
Die-Sinker EDM

Sodick Flat Linear Die-sinking EDM Gr-St machining sample

Gap Correction Rate > 500 / sec
Z axis feed = 600 mm/sec
Accelleration = 2.0G
No-Flush Machining ready

Sodick Die-Sinkning EDM samples

Manufacturing of machine-tools
with flat linear motors since 1998

The first and the only manufacturer
of die-sinking EDMs
with linear motors

More than 60 000 Sodick Flat Linear Motor EDM in operation throughout the World

Sodick EDMing sample mold
  • AD35L: XYZ travel = 350 × 250 × 270 mm 
    ceramic table dimensions = 600× 400 mm
    max workpiece weight = 550 kg
  • AD55L: XYZ  travel = 600 × 400 × 400 mm
    ceramic table dimensions = 600× 400 mm
    max workpiece weight = 1000 kg

Sodick AD series of die sinking EDMs has set a new standard in the category of entry-level machines that are entry-level only by their affordable budget price.  
The new die-sinking EDMs come with the dynamic response of advanced linear technology of rigid flat linear motors and ultra-fast motion controllers, ceramic work zone and superb discharge unit.

High Speed and High Performance 4 Axes Flat Linear Motor Drive Die Sinking EDM

Sodick’s expertise in EDM innovation using 3D design systems, the latest CAE technologies and numerous simulations have made it possible to create an improved basic machine structure of optimised rib arrangements which increase rigidity by approximately 70%. 

Machine structure deformation is minimised to a negligible level, allowing optimum performance at high-speed and rapid acceleration linear motors. Furthermore the original design of an independent X and Y-axis plus an efficient machine layout leads to a longer stroke, smaller footprint and highly accurate machining capability.


электроэрозионная обработка с зеркальным выхаживанием на станке Sodick

No-Flush NANO-wear machining

электроэрозионная прошивка без прокачки на станке Sodick с линейными сервоприводами

No-Flush NANO-wear machining

Электроэрозионный прошивной станок Sodick AD55L с линейными сервоприводами

AD55L Precision Die-Sinking EDM with XYZ axes flat linear servo drive and ceramic work zone

Screw-less drive + highly rigid construction

The screw-less drive, which uses a linear motor and linear scale, is the ideal drive method which maintains high-speed and high response performance semi-permanently. In addition, the AD35L employs the latest technology in highly rigid construction.
Equipped with “TMM3 Circuit”
The AD series is equipped with the LN3 power supply, which uses the TMM3 circuit for high-speed, high- precision, and high-grade performance. In addition, the new discharge stabilized machining system “Arcless 4” is standard equipment to shorten machining time, reduce costs, and reduce human error.

Automation Support & Improved Operability

Shuttle ATC is standard for AD35L and AD55L die-sinking EDMs.
Additionally, a large electrode ATC is added as an option to assist automation. Furthermore, a gadget function has been added to the operation screen, making it easier to use convenient functions.

The linear motor drive generates an ultra high-speed (up to 600 mm/sec) pumping effect efficiently removing chips, gas and carbon which exist between the electrode and the work piece. Therefore, machining can be performed without the need for flushing.

Ball-Screw EDM
flushing (non-Sodick)

Sodick Linear EDM
no flushing

Ball Screw SLOW JUMP with flushing

Uneven flow of flushing results in not only residual chips, gas, and tar, but also uneven concentration of dielectric fluid

Sodick Linear Rapid Jump without flushing

The rapid upward motion generates negative pressure between the electrode and the workpiece surface, where dielectric fluid rushes in together with chips, gas and tar.

Ball Screw SLOW DOWN with flushing

The residual chips, gas, and tar cause secondary discharge, leading to unstable gap conditions, discharge spots or excessive discharge.

Sodick Linear Rapid Down without flushing

The chips, gas and tar existing between the electrode and the workpiece are efficiently ejected together with the dielectric fluid.

Long Pin Gate Machining

Sodick AL-G EDM sample - long pin gate

No Flush EDM process using the pump effect of fast moving electrode  (600 mm/min)

Workpiece Steel (HR50-53) – Cu Electrodes
Machining Depth = 30mm (tapered 1°/side)
Pilot Hole – 0.80 × 27 mm + 0.30 × 3 mm
Outlet Diameters = 0.50 mm
No. of Electrodes: Roughing (mirror and matte finish): 1 Semi-Finishing
(Mirror and matte finish): 1 Finishing
(Mirror finish): 1 (Total 3 / hole) (Matte finish): 1 (Total 3 / hole)
Electrode undersize = 0.05 mm/side

Surface Finish (mirror) = Ra 0.08 µm
Machining Time mirror = 2h 25 min

Surface Finish (matte) = Ra 0.15 µm
Machining Time (matte) = 1h39 min

Steel EDMing sample (XYZ & С 4-axes simultaneous control):

электроэрозионная многоосевая обработка на cтанке Sodick
  • depth: 10 mm
  • roughness: Rz=2,6 µm / Ra=0,7 µm
  • machining time: 17 год 10 хв
  • electrode: copper
  • indexing angle: 20 °

SGF+ machining sample (Gr electrode NANOwear):

электроэрозионная прошивка без прокачки на станке Sodick с линейными сервоприводами

EDM sinking of a cavity in steel with a graphite electrode. The corners of the workpiece are well machined and there is no wear on the electrode. On the left is the same cavity before machining.

  • SGF = Nano-Wear Discharge Unit
    “SGF“ monitors the discharge status and automatically adjusts the ON time and current to optimise the cutting results with minimum electrode wear whilst achieving the best cutting time. Now the function is also available on Copper Tungsten materials
  • SVC Circuit: acceleration of finishing by up to 4 times, improvement of the appearance of large surfaces, flatness of surfaces, reduction of electrode wear
  • 15″ sense touch colour display
  • LN Professional
    offers a wide range of applicable cutting patterns to respond to various kinds of machining needs. For each machining pattern, optimum machining conditions and axis motions are available. 

    NC programs are generated by the AI database automatically. Optimum machining conditions are inferred from the built-in discharge data and technology database by simply entering the machining plan.
Sodick Die-Sinking EDM AD35L CNC screen
керамический рабочий стол и надэлектродная плита электроэрозионного станка Sodick

Ceramic work table plate + electrode plate.
The C-axis mechanism (with rotational spindle)
is installed as standard
under the ceramic electrode plate.
At the left is the standard shuttle ATC
(4 positions for AD35L and 6 for AD55L). 

Unique accuracy design features

  • Ceramic Work-Zone Improvement in geometric accuracy by 3-4 times in comparison with metal-plastic working areas of non-Sodick EDMs.
    Sodick ceramics thermal expansion is merely 4.5×10-6/°С.
    Complete galvanic (electric) isolation of the Work-zone.
  • Hand scraped contacting bearing surfaces of meehanite cast iron parts
  • All bearing construction parts are manufactured of low thermal expansion meehanite cast iron

Flat Linear Drives

  • X Y Z axis FLAT Linear Motors
    As all Sodick EDMs, the “AL series” machines are equipped with the in-house developed and manufactured rigid flat (planer) type core linear motors (since 1998). High-power and high torque motors demonstrates high-speed and super high response machining. 
    Z axis Twin Linear
    axis speed up to 600 mm/sec with acceleration of up to 2G
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • Upgraded linear motor controller SI-Link SMC (Sodick Motion Controller). Hi-response gap correction rate of over 500 times per sec
  • 1Gb/sec communication technology “Perfect Active Control” making use of a modern in-house designed NC system running on Windows OS
  • X Y U V axis absolute linear scales 10 nano (0,01 micron) Heidenhain. Absolute scales eliminate the need for referencing and ensure total positional control at all times thus reducing set up time.
оптическая линейка 10 нанометров Heidenhain

Аbsolute linear scale with the resolution of 10 nano (0,01 micron) Heidenhain

Sodick AD35L-AD55L die-sinking EDM twin linear motor Z-axis head. 

Sodick EDM twin linear motor Z-axis head

Unlike AL40G and AL60G die-sinking EDMs the quill of AD35L and AD55L is iron

Sodick Linear EDM Unique Machining Features:

  • No-flush machining of deep slots with sludge removal due to the pumping effect of ultra-fast electrode relaxations
  • High-speed machining due to the system’s ability to maintain an optimal electrode gap
  • Record low modified (altered, defective) surface layer

Standard accessories

  • 10 year warranty on positioning accuracy
  • LN Professional
  • Linear motor cooling unit)
  • Linear scales (X, Y, Z axis)
  • Remote controller
  • USB port
  • Shuttle ATC
    (AD35L – 4 electrodes / AD55L – 6 electrodes; left side) 
  • SEC-10 (C-axis)
  • SGF Plus Circuit
  • 15″ TFT touch screen display
  • Dielectric cooling unit
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Paper filter (2)
  • Fire extinguisher (built-in standard system)
  • Mouse
  • LAN connection
  • Tool kit
  • Work light
Sodick Green EDM
Sodick 10 years positioning accuracy guarantee

Technical Specification



X × Y × Z axis travel

350 x 250 х 270 mm

600 х 400 х 400 mm

C axis head angle indexing 

0,001° (3,6″) – С axis (standard accessory)

C axis head rotation speed

2 – 20 rpm (standard accessory)

Work Table dimensions
(FineXCera® Sodick ceramics)

600 х 400 mm

750 х 550 mm

Work Tank Fluid Level (Min to Max)

170-300 mm

170-450 mm

Work tank inner dimensions (W x D x H)

975 х 555 х 350 mm

1200 х 800 х 500 mm

Max workpiece weight

550 kg

1000 kg

Max electrode weight

50 kg

50 kg

Min feed increment

0.1 µm

Simultaneously controlled axes

4 axes (XYZ & С)

Distance from floor to table top

810 mm

 900 mm

Machine Tool Dimensions (W x D x H)

2080 x 1955 x 2350 mm

2550 x 2325 x 2720 mm

Machine tool weight

3200 kg

4600 kg

Max. machining current


Total power input

3-Ø, 50/60 Hz, 10 kVA

Air pressure / Air flow

0.65 MPa / 100 NL/min

Dielectric Tank



External dimensions (W x D x H)

800 х 1705 х 2125 mm

1050 х 2005 х 2140 mm

Weight empty (kg):

840 kg

1200 kg

Capacity (l):

400 l

800 l

Filtration method:

2 replaceable paper filters (MF-2400)

Dielectric fluid

EDM Oil preferably with Flash Point ( PMCC, °C, Min.) = 110°C.
We recommend EDMfluid® 108MP-S (Steelfluid/Italy)

Sodick EDM service and maintanence

Innovation-Technical Centers "SodicoM"

электроэрозионная прошивка твердого сплава без прокачки на станке Sodick

An example of tungsten carbide machining:

Electrodes: copper-tungsten х 3
Dimensions: Ø 5,24 mm, depth 15 mm 
Roughness: Ra 0,61 µm
Undersize: 0,12 mm/side
N0-flush Machining 
(the part is cut into 2 parts with a Wire-Cut EDM to show the surface quality).

электроэрозионная прошивка глубокой узкой пазовой полости без прокачки диэлектрика

Die-Sinking EDM AD35L machining sample:
An example of electric discharge sinking of a deep, narrow groove cavity without flushing the dielectric fluid (sludge removal due to the pumping effect of ultra-fast electrode movements)

Common design features of all Sodick EDMs:

Meehanite® cast iron with a low thermal expansion of 11×10-6/°C in all machine-tool bearing structures (bed, column, table carriage, taper mechanism trusses).

Hand-scraped contacting bearing surfaces
for the linear guides and the contacting surfaces of the bearing structures being assembled. Manual precision scraping of cast iron after milling. Manual scraping prevents deterioration of the machine structure, which is inevitable if the contacting bearing surfaces are ground rather than scraped.

Only HAND SCRAPING eliminates waveness that inevitably arises on surfaces as a collateral result of milling.
Only HAND SCRAPING eradicates microcracks, burnings, internal stresses and eliminates charging (impregnation) of surfaces with microabrasives.
Only HAND SCRAPING can make it possible to build machine-tools with long-life accuracy lasting for decades.

High-torque precision flat linear motors (LMs) of Sodick in-house design and manufacture, starting with in-house rare earth Ne-Fe-B magnets.

Flat or planar linear motors with core coils inherently provide a substantial power and thrust reserve. This not only improves rapid movement and positioning accuracy but also ensures consistent performance under varying load conditio

The design of Sodick’s planar linear motors ensures minimal heat generation. This is a major advantage, especially in precision applications like EDM, where even slight thermal variations can affect accuracy.

Flat (planar) linear motors (LM) with core EM coils mounted on cast iron supporting structures have excellent heat dissipation and virtually no heating under light loads. However, in die-sinking EDMs, the LMs operate under prolonged excessive loads (relaxation in Z and oscillation in XY), which means that heating is inevitable. To prevent overheating, all Sodick die-sinking EDMs are equipped with an effective patented LM cooling system (pumping of lubricant through tubes around the EM coils).

The use of a specialized cooling system, particularly one that is patented and designed explicitly for the unique requirements of their die-sinking EDMs, showcases Sodick’s commitment to producing machines that deliver optimal performance across a range of conditions. It is these kinds of innovations that help manufacturers maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Ceramic Work Zone

By incorporating in-House ceramic components into their EDMs, Sodick ensures a higher level of precision and consistency in the machining process. The improved geometric accuracy of the electrode position relative to the workpiece can result in better part quality, reduced waste, and increased efficiency in the machining process.

The thermal expansion of all supporting structures of the work zone is 2 times less than that of granite and 3.5 ∼ 4 times less than that of steels, thanks to our own electro-insulating ultra-strong ceramics FineXCera® with ultra-small thermal expansion = 4.5 × 10-6/ °С

Sodick ceramics are extremely rigid and can resist bending or deformation under load. This property ensures that the worktable and electrode plates remain flat and stable during the EDM process, leading to more consistent and accurate results.

As non-conductive materials, Sodick ceramics provide excellent electrical insulation, which is crucial in the EDM process to ensure that electrical discharges occur only where intended.

Achieving complete galvanic isolation of the machined part in all Sodick EDMs has several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Sparking Capabilities: If a machined part is not in contact with the ground, it provides the opportunity to generate spark pulses that may be impossible on machines with a metal table where the workpiece is grounded. This leads to unique machining characteristics and outcomes that aren’t achievable with traditional grounded setups.
  2. Efficient Use of Bipolar Pulses: Bipolar pulses involve the use of both positive and negative voltage swings. Without the grounding restrictions, the EDM utilizes these bipolar pulses more effectively, potentially leading to faster material removal rates, better surface finishes, or other desired machining characteristics.
  3. Special Pulse Utilization: Beyond just bipolar pulses, galvanic isolation can allow for the implementation of other specialized pulse types. Each pulse type can have its own characteristics in terms of material removal, surface finish, and machining efficiency.
  4. Safety and Protection
  5. Reduced Electrical Noise
  6. Enhanced Control: a wider range of machining parameters and potential outcomes based on the specific needs of the job.

By having an EDM setup that offers complete galvanic isolation, manufacturers and machinists can potentially push the boundaries of what’s possible with EDM, experimenting with and benefiting from pulse types and parameters that may be unavailable or less effective in traditional grounded setups.

Linear EDM = EDM with linear servo motors.