Sodick ALC-series Wire-Cut EDM ALC400G
ALC wire-cut EDM improved small dia corner control sample
Sodick ALC800G Wire-Cut EDM
ALC wire-cut EDM step-cut sample
ALC wire-cut EDM superior corner control sample

ALC series

New Sodick Flat Linear Wire-Cut EDM

High-precision Sodick Wire-Cut EDM
with extended functionality

  • ALC400G iGE: XYZ strokes=400 300 250 mm
    max workpiece weight = 500 kg 
  • ALC600G iGE: XYZ strokes=600 400 350 mm
    max workpiece weight = 1000 kg 
  • ALC800G iGE: XYZ strokes=800 600 500 mm 
    max workpiece weight = 3000 kg 

More than 60 000 Sodick Flat Linear Motor EDM in operation throughout the World

Ra=0.05 µm

New Sodick Wire-Cut EDMs
Equipped with the NEW “SPW” Controller

  • Newly developed Hi-Speed Sodick Motion Controller (SMC) M4 LINK
  • 1 Gbit/sec Hi-Speed serial communication 
  • Equipped with high-speed Dual Core processor
  • Low power consumption
  • Improved linear motor control performance
  • New user-friendly interface

NC Unit employs 19” Multi-touch LCD

Sodick CNC of ALC Wire-Cut EDM
Sodick ALC distortion correction screen

Less wire – more job.
You pay less for more!

New Sodick Wire-Cut EDM
ALC Series Features

  • X Y U V axis FLAT Linear Motors 
  • X Y U V axis absolute linear scales 10 nano (0,01 micron) Heidenhain.
  • Ceramic Work-Zone. Improvement in geometric accuracy by 3-4 times in comparison with metal-plastic working areas of non-Sodick EDMs.
    Sodick ceramics thermal expansion is merely 4.5×10-6/°С.

    Complete galvanic (electric) isolation of the Work-zone.
  • Hand scraped contacting bearing surfaces of meehanite cast iron parts
  • All bearing construction parts of low thermal expansion meehanite cast iron (11×10-6/°С)
  • Extra wide machine bed – superb horizontality at the extremes of travels 
  • THK SSR guideways (caged ball technology) designed for use primarily in precision measuring machines. The guideways can withstand movements 100 times more than the distance from the Earth to the Moon and back.





Standard Features:
  • SPW CNC-generator.
  • FCC Sodick Fine Corner Control
  • Heart NC – advanced CAM system
  • Q3vic EDW – intelligent 3D programming
  • Energy saving circuit
  • Digital PIKA W Plus for super surface finish (Ra=0.05 µ)
  • DSF (Dynamic Shape First)
  • Automatic water level control
  • 3-sided rise and fall work tank
  • Fixed Jet AWT (Automatic wire threader)
  • Wire end remover
  • Dielectric cooling unit
  • Voltage stabiliser
  • 19″ TFT colour screen
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Remote controller
  • USB port
  • LAN interface
  • Work light
  • Built-in 20kg wire feeder
  • Record-breaking small or negligable modified surface layer (confirmed by laboratory studies)!
Sodick Green EDM
Sodick 10 years positioning accuracy guarantee

SPW CNC Power Supply 
New generation CNC Power Supply

New proprietary SMC “M4-LINK”  (developed by Sodick America Corporation, San Jose, California) replaced the more than successful K-SMC system.
Response time is shortened to 0.4~1.0 μs. The system now precisely corrects the position of a wire-electrode in the gap up to 1000 times per sec

Q3vic EDW – intelligent 3D programming

Heart NC – advanced CAM system

New Sodick Wire-Cut EDM

Temperature-Synchronized Wire-Cut EDM


High-Precision Thermal Displacement Correction and Total Temperature Control System

All models in the series are equipped as standard with the AIM (AI Maintenance) environmental temperature diagnosis function and TH COM thermal displacement correction function that can handle everything from high-accuracy to rough temperature environments, in addition to a logging function and temperature display of the machine surroundings.

Artificial Intelligence
control AIM



The full-cover specification EDW (Wire-Cut EDM) features a temperature equalisation system to provide a more stable machining environment.

  • 0,05 mm wire spec (including AWT)
  • HTP high-voltage circuit
  • Taper flex 45 NEO (for taper cutting up to 45°)
  • L-Cut (Wire chopper)
  • ANCS (Anti-Corrosion System)
  • Esprit CAM software offline (regional option)
  • Automation System: workpiece changer, electrode changer and robots
  • WS4P and bigger WS5P rotary table (indexing or simultaneous movement)
  • 8-axis Simultaneous Control SPW-E (factory option)
  • UPS Active Power Restart
  • Booster (total = 60A)
  • Custom colour (factory option)
ALC wire-cut EDM improved small dia corner control sample
ALC corner R0.006 sample
ALC wire-cut EDM superior corner control sample
ALC wire-cut EDM step-cut sample
Sodick 10 years positioning accuracy guarantee

Technical Specification

 ALC400G iGE

 ALC600G iGE

ALC800G / ALC800GH
XY axis travel400 x 300 mm600 x 400 mm800 x 600 mm
Z axis travel250 mm350 mm500 / 800 mm
UV axis travel150 x 150 mm150 x 150 mm200 x 200 mm
Taper angle (t=130mm)±25° (±45° = option)
Work tank dimensions (W x D)850 × 610 mm1050 х 710 mm1250 х 1020 mm
Max workpiece weight500 kg1000 kg3000 kg
Wire electrode diameter ∅∅ 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm (∅ 0.05 mm = option) 
Wire tension3 ~ 23 H
Wire feed rate420 mm/sec
Distance from floor to table top995 mm
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)2115×2500×2230 mm2495×2895×2345 mm3395×3640×2780 mm
Machine installation dimensions (mm):3350 × 3865 mm3780 × 4245 mm4675 × 5050 mm
Machine weight (kg):3400 kg4600 kg6000 kg
Input power3-∅, 50/60 Hz, 13 kVA
Dielectric Tank
External dimensions (W x D x H)700 х 2155 mm790 х 2505 mm1505 х 3060 mm
Tank weight400 kg600 kg800 kg
Capacity (liters)600 l800 l1500 l
Dielectric fluidDeionised water
DeioniserIon exchange resin (18 l)
Filtering system4 replaceable paper filters (internal pressure) SHF-25E or simular

Sodick filters and wire-electrode.

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